Monday, May 02, 2005

Stand-Up Comedy and the First Lady

When something amazing or outrageous happens in politics, you can count on traditional media to be there first. One thing's for sure. Bloggers took a back seat to journalists on Laura Bush's comedic debut at the annual White House Correspondents Dinner on April 30.

Take a gander at all the coverage (below)...and I barely scratched the surface. The buzz could outstrip anything we've seen from the White House to date. I have to admit I admire her moxy.

Quick Quiz:
The First Lady took comedic pot-shots at her Presidential hubby in an an effort to show:
1. She's human
2. She's a smart cookie
3. There's nothing critics can say about Dubya that she doesn't already know.

Yep, pollsters. The First Lady gets the joke...or jokes. Or at least she was able to deliver the lines scripted for her by political joke writer Landon Parvin. Admittedly, the veteran presidential speech scribe coached Mrs. Bush on the finer points of stand-up delivery.

Peruse the various accounts of Mrs. Bush's presentation:
  • New York Times via San Francisco Chronicle
  • USA Today
  • LA Times
  • Fox News
  • Reuters via Yahoo! News
  • NY Daily News
  • Ad Age
  • Washington Post
  • International Herald Tribune

  • Today, there was no end to headlines that characterized Laura Bush's recent appearance as "comic timing." A former stand-up comedienne myself, I have to scratch my head in wonder. What was the White House thinking? Maybe they plan to pit Laura Bush against Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton in the next run for the White House.

    [Note to Self: Nah! Don't be ridiculous.]

    Kinda reminds me of (once upon a time) Prince Charles and Princess Diana. The future King's popularity was often overshadowed by his gracious and well-loved wife. Sorry, there was no happy ending for the Princess. And the Bush situation is another fairy tale entirely.

    [Note to Self: Check out the coverage on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. It should be a hoot. ]

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