Friday, May 13, 2005

Justin Timberlake's Voice Finally Changes

Pop stars develop vocal skills that simultaneously launch them to early fame while predisposing them to a major flame-out later on. What skills, pray tell? How about poor articulation and projection, improper breath support and control, and simply put, downright screaming the ridiculous lyrics to unintelligible songs?

Unfortunately, the sounds that make a fan swoon can also make a singer sick. And let's not forget that lifestyle mistakes, like alcohol, cigarettes and drugs, can cut short a singing career.

The point? Well, plenty of professional singers have needed vocal surgery, for various reasons. Look, I'm not making any judgements here. Besides vocal abuse, there may have been other reasons why Rod Stewart had the muscle tissue in his larynx repaired back in 2000, as reported by E! Online. E! said the surgery was of "no consequence to his singing voice." (pause) Wait a minute? Rod Stewart can sing?

And what of little Justin Timberlake and his damaged pipes? On May 5, JRT had surgery to remove benign vocal lesions, reveals E! Online. The erstwhile 'N Sync front man will need three months to recover. Awwww, please don't cry. Meanwhile, visit the official 'N Sync site, if you haven't seen it. The site hasn't been updated in a year, but it's still very cool!

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