Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Mind Control With a Pop Culture Twist

Reuters regurgitates coverage in New Scientist magazine (just like I'm doing right here), with U.S. patent news cloned from the Matrix. Virtual reality headsets too boring for you? How about having sights, sounds and the sensation of smells beamed into your brain? Apparently, that's in the future for PlayStation users, courtesy of Sony researcher Thomas Dawson who was granted a patent for the concept recently.
The patent "was based on an inspiration that this may someday be the direction that technology will take us."
I didn't realize fantasies of vaporware were patentable subject matter. Would someone please enlighten me on the politics of patents? (laughs) Well, that tells you how little direct experience I've had in my career with patent filings.

I doubt I'll ever leap at a chance to have fictional scenarios broadcast into the vision and hearing centers of my brain via ultrasound. That reaction signifies a generation gap, about how I perceive the value of certain technology compared to younger consumers. But this does remind me of an episode of Star Trek: TNG, where Wesley Crusher becomes practically orgasmic over a video game that takes over the brains of crew members. Meanwhile, I can hardly wait for Dawson's work to inspire government and military applications. Not!

Add this patent idea to my list titled "Just Because You Can, Doesn't Mean You Should."

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