Friday, May 31, 2013

Make Your #ContentMarketing de-Vine! @HootSuite @HootUp

Have you heard about Vine, Twitter's mobile app that lets you record 6-second looping videos to share with your friends and followers? Vine has been referred to as "Instagram on steroids" or "tweeting out loud." It's a quick way to document just about anything.

About This HootUp 
Have you started using #VineApp to boost your content marketing? If so, show your Vines! If no, not to worry. At this HootUp, we will...
  1. Play with how to share Vines with your social networks using @HootSuite and the @HootSuite mobile app. 
  2. View and discuss some great Vine video brand examples 
  3. Brainstorm about how to incorporate Vine into your content strategy 
You will come away from this HootUp with at least 10 things your business could create using Vine (@vineapp).

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