Monday, May 15, 2006

Buy Your Way to Fame...and Support a Good Cause

Have you ever wondered what it takes to , billed alongside the names of the Hollywood elite? Apparently, a dollar will do it these days.

If you haven't heard about it yet, here's the scoop. The 1 Second Film (2007) is "a collaborative non-profit epic that climaxes in one second of animation." The idea is to raise money for charity. You pay any amount and you automatically get a credit in the film. In essence, the film will consist of one second of animation and 90 minutes of credits rolled alongside a documentary of the making of the film. Currently, the project is in production, with a projected premier date of November 2006.

It's not a's pure genius. I heard about the project while searching on YouTube. The most entertaining part of the promo, apparently filmed at Sundance 2005, were the celebrity comments.

Comedian Tom Arnold said "Oh, God, What a great deal," in reference to the producer credit he obtained by donating $100.00. Pierce Brosnan chipped in $10.00 then referred to himself as a "sucker producer." After cobbling together a whopping $11.00 for his producer credit, Stephen Colbert said, " should put these credits in. It's as valid as most of my credits."

Just how good is this idea, from a perspective? It's probably the best WoM bonus any film could ever hope to achieve.
I think what you are doing is probably one of the most creative and inspiring ideas I've ever heard of, not to mention a noble and unselfish act in raising money for this charity. If I had a million, I would donate it, I know how hard it is to raise money for a project, and to raise money for a charity. I've sent out a mass email to about 100 people telling them about your project, so I hope you get some more donations. Congratulations on your success thus far.
- Jason Lupish, $15 Producer

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jayfilms said...

Hey, thanks for using my quote from their website :).

I really do think it's a great idea, hope it raises some good money for charity.