Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Five Easy Pieces (of Bad Marketing)

My newspaper bill came in the mail today. It's time to renew my subscription to the Arizona Daily Star. Well, I'd like to renew online and save time, money and space, but something is amiss.

Click on each image in order, from left to right, to see my attempts to pay my bill.

I really think everyone in the Star's direct marketing department needs one-on-one training in how to type a URL. Not to mention that some IT manager needs to wake up the yokels in Web support.

You know, it's been a decade since the Web went commercial. You'd think a media outlet would have a clue by now. Aw, heck. It's only a small town newspaper. You can't expect these guys to proofread.

How hard can this be, to get a URL right in 2005? It's not like I'm ordering plain toast, which isn't on the menu.

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