Monday, June 06, 2005

Job Sites Often Neglected by Freelancers

Freelance writing isn't just for those pitching magazines and newspapers created by publishers or news outlets. Other businesses need skilled writers to create content, too. On, I spotted a job listing for a Freelance Science Editorial Writer. Applicants need science and technical experience, to be applied to writing monthly magazine articles for a nutritional supplements company. I might not have found this lead if I'd restricted my job hunting to journalism sites and freelance forums.

Among freelancers, generic job sites are often dismissed as not yielding much in the way of quality writers' leads. Well, you might not find an exact match for the "freelance writer" job title, but if you read further, you could uncover new least ones you never considered. Here's how. Search, Yahoo! HotJobs, CareerBuilder, or your favorite job site with the keyword "freelance." Read each result to carefully uncover the phrase responsible for managing freelance writers., or something to that effect. And now you've got new prospects for your freelance writing queries.

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