Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Future Displays Will Be Bigger...No...Smaller

I have a real bad case of technolust. I've seen the future of color displays, whether for computers or television.

: "The software giant has built a tabletop, multi-touch computer that talks to phones, cameras and credit cards," reports Popular Mechanics magazine.

Toss those keyboards and mice. My , anyway. Oh, and it's coming soon to a casino near you! Video blackjack, anyone? (taps tabletop) Hit me.

: Meanwhile, some folks think smaller is better. Perhaps they'd prefer a next generation of monitors that is amazingly small (2.5-inch), thin (0.3mm thick) and flexible. Think 16.8 million colors and a 120 x 160 pixel resolution and you're on the right track. Organic LEDs are totally tubular...or not, actually!

Related buzz is all about video phones and TVs, but I can imagine future teens sporting one of these appliqu├ęd to a T-shirt or jacket. Imagine being sent home from school for wearing one, especially during exams. Ha! Sure would beat skimpy straps and short skirts for distracting apparel.

Hmmm. Where's that Target or Wal-Mart flier from the Sunday paper? Can I get these yet?

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Susan Reynolds said...

ooooh! Technology to the max. I want it all.