Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Ode to Justin.tv

This morning, Justin Kan posted a call for poems via his Twitter account.

Well, I wrote a poem about Justin, knowing full well it is lame and unoriginal. I emailed it to Justin for the ephemeral glory of hearing him read it on his show, but alas, I didn't make the cut.

Obviously, I didn't submit it for the prize, "as if" I could actually win one. I just wanted to see if I could write a coherent poem, regardless of its literary value. No such luck, apparently.

Help me fix my bad poetry by adding your own verses to the comments for this post.

Ode to Justin.tv
Started by Kim M. Bayne

Justin streams his daily life to all
In answer to the Web Glitterati call

A subtle
We live each minute blow by blow

Broadcasting his life in wireless mode
Streaming must be a lonely road

Flies on the browser wall are we
Yet, we see no earthshaking activity

Bringing the wrath of landlords with Net voyeurs abuzz

Yet, as I watch the potpourri of his open source existence
My envy is heightened by my

How could I to stream the same and how would I to spend my day?
Surely not to work at all, but merely to play

*** To be continued ***

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Anonymous said...

More like a rap than a poem.