Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Celebrity Blogs A Mixed Bag of Styles

Having been knee-deep in the blogosphere lately, I started trolling various blog directories to see what celebs are up to these days. Today, I found a compilation of celebrity blogs. My first few clickthroughs were disappointing. Some linked "blogs" were more Web sites than diaries or journals. But there were a few gems.

Rosie O'Donnell has her own blog, on this host. Titled formerlyROSIE, the former talk show host's blog includes poems and personal observations. The site is littered with rude comments posted by intolerant oafs who have nothing better to do than contribute obscene graffiti to an otherwise thoughtful journal. Barely fazed by the negative feedback, Rosie doesn't appear to delete much in the way of reader rudities. Good for her. She's a better editor than me, in this regard.

Having just sprung from the pen (er...jail), Martha Stewart should be poised to pen (er...write) a blog entry or two. I cruised over to MarthaTalks, a site that hasn't seen new prose since, well, maybe last Christmas. For some reason, I couldn't read much of her Open Letter with any objectivity, having felt she was dripping with insincerity. The word "beseech" stuck out like a sore thumb, which I guess, is "a good thing." I'd like to think Martha's jail sentence was the result of a national witch hunt, since more nefarious celebs haven't seen the inside of a cell yet. Since I tuned out the details of Martha's trial and incarceration long ago, it doesn't really matter. So goes the average American's attention span. Sue me. At least I admit my lack of education on this topic.

Actor Jeff Bridges creates a handwritten blog-of-sorts, presumably with the help of a tablet PC or maybe a scanner...who knows? The drawings are cool, but there's not much meat, so we don't get to know his thought process much. Still, it's fun to browse, so check it out. Jeff hasn't added anything new since January 2005, but that's okay. You're allowed, Starman. I'd hate to think you were glued to the computer anyway, like so many of us. And it's pretty clear you'd not fully in charge of technical creation, what with Nicky Hulme as your site administrator.

Melanie Griffith blogged about her hubby and her children.
Antonio finished Zorro in December so he has been a homebody for 3 months now. We all love it when he is home as he works so much.
For some reason, I felt like I was peeking into someone's boudoir, especially since Mel revealed where Dakota attends school. Not something I'd like to publicize on the Weird Wide Web, being a mother myself. Gee, I can't imagine why Melanie told this private info to the world. What was she thinking...or not? Apparently, she's not as careful as I am about creepy people. Being in the public eye must make one either invulnerable or incredibly stupid. Having once been a follower of all things Don Johnson, I kept reading. But I didn't avert my eyes in time. As my daughter would say, "TMI! TMI! TMI!" (Too Much Information). No, I didn't want to know about her recent toe surgery. Ewwwww.

William Shatner offers the Trekkie true blog content, with insightful stuff we all salivate over. His quips as Denny Crane on "Boston Legal" has me often ROFL (rolling on the floor laughing). His blog entry about portraying someone like Denny was delightful, adding to my enjoyment as a viewer.

All in all, celebrity blogs are a mixed bag. Some pretty bad. Some mediocre. Some worth visiting again and again. Find your favorite. Blogroll it. Make it a fan obsession.

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Wirthy said...

are you sure everyone on that list can still be considered a "celebrity?"

Kim M. Bayne said...

are you sure everyone on that list can still be considered a "celebrity?"

Obviously, this is a liberal interpretation of the term. And no, I'm not sure of anything when it comes to the pampered and self-absorbed.